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Homemade Simple Relay Launch Controller

First, is the schematic for my simple relay launch controller. This is a modified design from information I found on the web a few years back. It works for me, but if you decide to build it you do so at your own risk. FYI - This design will probably not work well if you use e-matches for igniters. The current from the 9 volt continuity check may ignite them prematurely.

relay launch controller How Relay Launch Controller Works

NAR Level 2 Certification Test For Practice

Second is a simple online test I wrote that uses questions from the NAR test pool. These are from the 1999 test version. This is not the latest test version but it's close.

NAR Level 2 Practice Test

Reloadable Rocket Motors

Next, some info about rocket motor reloads. I can never remember what reloads go into what case. Except for the G64. So I use the table below quite a bit. Perhaps you may find this handy as well.

W - White Lightning White Lightning has a visible orange flame and lots of white smoke.
R - Redline Redline propellant has a bright red flame, and a little white smoke.
J - Blackjack Blackjack produces lots of black smoke and little, if any, visible flame.
T - Blue Thunder Blue Thunder has no smoke, a light purple-blue flame and a fast burn time.
N - Warp-9 Warp-9 exhibits a yellow-white exhaust plume with a minimum of smoke.
FJ - Fast Blackjack Fast Blackjack produces black smoke like a regular Blackjack, with burn characteristics similar to White Lightning.
G - Mojave Green Mojave Green exhibits a bright green flame, with a fast burn time.

Below is a table that outlines many Aerotech cases and the rocket motor reloads that fit into them.

CaseReloads for that case
29/60 F37W F62T    
29/100 G54W G104T    
29/120 G79W G77R    
29/180 G75J H128W H238T H165R  
29/240 H97J H180W H220T H210R H220G
29/360 I200W H268R    
CaseReloads for that case
38/120 G61WG67RG69N(?)G399N
38/240 H73JH123WH242T H148R H699N
38/360 H112J I161W I357T I218R H999NI245G
38/480 I154J I211W I300T I285R I225FJI1299N
38/600 I195J I284W I435T I366R I305FJ
38/720 J350W J420R I600RI364FJJ500G
38/1080 J570W J575FJJ825R
CaseReloads for that case
54/852 J90W J180TJ275W J460T J315R J250FJJ1299N
54/1280 J135W J415W J800T J540R J401FJJ1999N
54/1706 K185W K550WK1100T K695R K513FJ
54/2560 K700W K1275R K828FJK270W
CaseReloads for that case
75/2560 K560W K780R
75/3840 L850W L1150R
75/5120 L1120W L1420R M1297W
75/6400 M1315W M1550R M650W(?)
CaseReloads for that case
98/2560 K458W K650T K680R K1999N
98/5120 L952W L1500T L1300R
98/7680 M1419W M2400T M1600R
98/10240 M1939W M2500T M2000R M750W
98/15360 N2000W
98/18000 N4800T
You can find more data from on these engines at Here you can search for that data on their site. Search
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